July 21

Dealmachine in Silicon Valley, part 6: Fadi Bishara on Fostering Entrepreneurship

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 by Timo Herttua

As the final link of our video blog series "Dealmachine in Silicon Valley", today we have an honor to present a very influential person in the journey of Dealmachine, Fadi Bishara. Although the post was originally intended to be part 6 of the series, due to minor technical difficulties it took some time to edit this.

However, I believe that this is the best possible way to end the series, as it contains lots of "how to take it from here" type of advice for Finland and other aspiring startup countries/communities.

As a part of our stay in the Valley we had the privilege of getting to spend time at the Blackbox Mansion in Atherton, California. In addition to hosting startup parties and being temporary home of a bunch of exciting startup entrepreneurs, Blackbox Mansion serves as headquarters for the Startup Genome Project (http://startupgenome.cc), which aims to discover patterns in successful internet startups.

Fadi Bishara, a Cofounder at Blackbox, explains his take on how to foster entrepreneurship, even outside the Silicon Valley.

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